The Sounds Of Freshwater Fish
Mikael Ericsson, Konsthallen, Trollhättan, Sweden, 2004

The following list of fish will be part of the installation:
pike, perch, tench, (common) bream, carp, wels/sheat-fish, burbot, eel, crayfish, (signal crayfish), salmon, brown troat, sea troat, lake trout, rainbow troat, char, brook troat,
vendace, large bottom whitefish, graylin and smelt.

(made by drumdrum)

It will be possible to modify the sound via the Fishcomposer
and submit your own song to the installation in Trollhättan.

The Fishcomposer opens up new possibilities to edit and arrange soumds of freshwater fishes. If you are looking for an alternative to the mainstream whale and dolphin songs, you just found it.

You need flash 6 to use the fishcomposer.
Operational instructions: see manual

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