Supermarket Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
Two Channel Video Installation with Sound

At Supermarket Independent Art Fair in Stockholm Mikael Ericsson presented Millophonia as a two channel videoinstallation. Millophonia (Kvarnofonen) is a site-specific sound installation at Harp Art Lab, Harplinge windmill, Sweden.

Mikael Ericsson began the work in 2010 with the goal to change the identity of the windmill by using the sails and machinery to grind sound, instead of grains. The idea was to combine the windmill, the pipe organ and the player piano for a site-specific sound art work that used the entire seven-story building. 

Millophonia premiered in the summer of 2012 and it is since then a permanent sound installation at Harp Art Lab, generating a great attraction force, both for new and returning visitors. Through musical demonstrations, performed by Ericsson and the Harp Art Lab team, the visitors get involved in the development process.

The sails, of the windmill, are running two enormous bellows that are supplying a modified pipe organ with air. The sound is controlled by a pneumatic mechanism that operates the pipe organ action via piano-rolls that are preprogrammed by the artist. This procedure is 100% handmade by cutting, punching and stitching it all together to feed Millophonia with fresh sound art.

For more information about the Harp Art Lab, please click: http://www.harpartlab.se